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Manic Mary's Asylum

Hello, and welcome to this completely pointless page that will probably give you a headache.

Wow. Salerno updated. Aren't we all feeling special now!?

If you don't know who I am, then I personally can't quite
understand why exactly you're here. However, if you are
aquainted with me (in any shape or form, unless you're a
stalker in which case I want nothing to do with you) then feel
free to look around and all the nonsense I might or might not
have up.


Click on any of the links below in order to see first hand the
amount of time I have on my hands to waste.

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Random People That I Happen to Know and Get Along With.

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A Bunch of Random Sites That Might Be Worth Visiting.

E-Cards That May or May Not Work

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Blogs or Online Journals

The Latest News that Doesn't Actually Matter


A Pretty Noninformative Page About Me

All music you find on this site comes from the remarkable FF8 Kingdom.

Do you feel the need to comment on this very odd and pointless
site? Then click on the guestbook link......if you
dare.......*looks around suspiciously*

Child Labor

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