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The flame beside my desk is flickering high on it’s wick. The green candle to which it belongs is new - “borrowed” from my dear friend Samantha. But she’s got literally a million of them, so she won’t notice it’s gone. But I’m not sitting here in order to discuss the decidedly strange collections of some of my companions. Far from it. It has, in fact, been assigned to me to place the fantastic details of the past year on paper for you by Ceannaire Buchannan himself. I’m not entirely sure why he wants me to do it, as I tend to drift a bit in my concentration. But he is the wisest among us and although his wisdom often leads to eccentricities I do adore the man, so I shall relate my story out of respect for him. I can only hope I shall finish soon.

It would be bad news indeed if my dragon were to get hungry now, wouldn’t it?

Chapter One