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Yes, this is the page where I put up a bunch of links that lead to a bunch of different
places. If you have a link for me, just let me know and I'll put it up for a mere $10....just
kidding. In fact, even if I don't like you, I'll put up your link because that's the kinda girl
I am.

Links to Friend's Sites

Jessica's Homepage

Salerno's Homepage

Anneliese's Xanga Site

Liz's Page, which really hasn't been updated for a year or more
(and she's also not as pale as the doll is).

Ross' Homepage

Actor Links

Movie Links

The Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean

Television Show Links

The Official Red Green Website

Helpful Links

Lissa Explains it All
Lissa Explains it All

Random Links

The Dancing Dragon

Neurotically Yours


And that's it folks, so if you've got a link, just let me know!

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