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Right. Well, this is the part of my site where I shamelessly copy off of my friend Jessica (check out her site, it's a party in a box!) and have this random page about all the random people I randomly know. Did you know I like the word "random? Well, now you do. Anyhow, this page goes in alphabetical order, haha! And, if you aren't on here and you should be (aka, I talk to you and I just completely blocked you out for some reason) let me know. Don't tell me to put you on here because you THINK you're my friend, or you THINK I like you (in a "hey, you're cool way", c'mon now). Chances are, if you THINK you're my friend and don't know that you are for sure, then I probably hate you.

Adam: He's the tall idiot standing in the corner. At least, he used to be. Now we don't really know where he is, mainly because he doesn't talk much and just kinda stands there staring. Sort of scary, really.

Alyson: She's a funny girl. I mean, in a humourous way. Of course, she has to be in order to put up with us, and of course in order to put up with C.P., who seems to fancy her. She's also obsessed with The Journey, or so I hear. Oh yeah. And at first she can seem quiet, but really that's just because she's restraining herself from making fun of everyone within earshot.

Anastasia: She's a creative genius, and is known for standing up on stage and reading off a list of ingredients on the sides of pickle jars to enraptured audiences. She carries around a little container of Lincoln Logs wherever she goes, and occasionally says that she thinks her full name is too long. The rest of the world thinks it's just fine!

Andrea: She's my snowball pal who likes to steal my phrases and say "Woo!" a lot. She's got the hots for some guy at Boz's Hot Dogs, and coaches a cheerleading team for her hometown of........did you really think I'd tell you?

Anneliese: She's probably got the oldest soul I know in someone who's still quite young. Her poetry is art, and you can find it by going to the Link Page. She's a dancer, soccer player, and band girl all wrapped into a Michelle Branch loving eleven year old.

Bill: Liz's boyfriend, but he pretty much talks to everyone. That might be why, over the year(s), he seems to have become slightly less normal than he was when we all first started talking to him.

Brian B: He carries cheese around in his pockets along with entire boxes of sugar cubes. He also has a tendancy to randomly (there's that word again) play cards right in front of the teachers who are most apt to give him a detention for doing so. He's insane, yet harmless and sort of friendly, when he isn't attacking people.

Caitlin: A redhead from pretty much halfway across the states. She is also rumored to be obsessed with The Journey. She's probably one of the friendliest people anyone is likely to meet. So, if you meet her, be happy. She's a once in a lifetime kinda gal! She's probably seen Sweet Home Alabama about a million in a half times, and then tends to have a lingering southern accent for the rest of the day.

Dave: Never talk to him about Oscar Wilde. He gets very passionate about how all the characters in every single book the man ever wrote are, in fact, gay. Not that Dave has anything against gay people (as far as I know). But anyhow, Dave enjoys Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and watching his drunken redneck neighbor fall down steps, out windows, and being taken away by the cops.

Elena: Well, she's kinda out in the middle of nowhere right now, wearing a shirt that says "My Grandma Loves Bowling, But She Loves Me More."

Eric: Since Eric has done nothing but complain about the profile I gave him previously, here is his new one: Eric is the owner of the world's sexiest legs, and enjoys watching such classic films as The Exorcist and freeze framing the dead people scenes on The Ring DVD. His main passions in life are food and X-Men, and he can often be found on X-Men websites, drawing various characters he happens to find "cool".

Erin: I think I scare the crap out of her.

Jessica: She wants to go to Notre Dame and become a doctor. Here's a bit of advice for anyone reading this. DON'T BE HER PATIENT. Here's a reason why: She has some pretty messed up knees, and some days it is painful for her to walk. Her doctor told her not to do anything strenuous. What does Jessica do? Goes and joins the soccer team. She's gotten hurt during every single game. But, on a lighter note, she's one of the best players on the team! Also, she's an actress, singer, and claims to be a certified idiot occasionally. Then again, she also claims I'm a certified idiot, and that's all the time.

Kristie: Never ever give this girl sugar. When she has sugar, she begins to shake and then pretty much bounces off of any wall she can. Her favorite phrase happens to be "That Really Bribes My Caretaker", and she is in love with Jude Law. But don't ask any teachers about her. They think she's a very quiet, very shy kid. Well, she might be shy sometimes, but she sure as hell isn't quiet. She's really very smart, and usually gets the top grades. Of course, sometimes her brain cells die (usually when she's over at my house) and she begins to ask questions such as "Why is Cher's middle name Nicholas?"

Liz: Tres artistique. Yes, I am aware I just made that word up. But Liz is the type of girl who, if she was about twenty years older and wasn't going out with Bill, I would vote as "Most Likely To Marry Viggo Mortensen". She's very artistic, with her sketches, paintings, poetry, writings, etc etc. She could also probably be an actress if she bothered, as she and I have proven that The Crucible can be performed quite admirably by a cast of two people. She's a quiet person though, and gets regularly heckled in French class for never speaking up.

Mary from Texas: She's the Master (Mistress, whatever) of finding absolutely obscure webpages that prove to be fairly fascinating. She's got more guys asking her out than I can keep track of, and she's always picking up more at whichever bookstore she happens to be in.

Meg A: She's the crazy russian goth girl who has the world's coolest belt. She's good at drawing Anime, and knows Latin! How cool is that?

Megan H: I hardly ever talk to her anymore, although I wish I did. She's the world's greatest Irish Dancer, you know! Oh, and she kinda wants to kill me for quitting, but that's not the point!

Pat: He's been in every school play this year, one time playing this Jamacian police officer, and then playing a dancing farmer. It's really quite entertaining. He also spends hours rapping, usually at the expense of his homework, which probably isn't a good idea in the long run.

Ross: Ah. The Short Idiot, as we affectionatly call him. Nah, he's cool. He's also not really that short, and he's fairly smart as well, although it's sometimes hard to see that with the exceedingly lame James Bond jokes he likes to constantly make. He does happen to be a fairly good driver, however. Just, don't get near him if you ever find yourself with bad sunburn. In order to get people's attention, he pulls at them, punches them, pokes them, etc. It's generally not a fun thing to experience whilst your skin is all red and raw. Also, if you ever have a question pertaining to James Bond, just ask him. Oh, and he also thinks he can quote Sean Bean from Goldeneye. The truth? HE CAN'T.

Salerno: He's obsessed with the following: Code Red, the Cubs. His main goal over the summer is to have a Code Red Slip 'n' Slide, and to fill his pool up with the substance. If he was a puppy, he'd shed. He has a magical scar which predicts the weather, and is generally too stubborn to go to sleep if someone else is still on the internet who isn't tired yet. Also, if he doesn't win the internet game he is playing with someone, will declare it crap and claim it's because he doesn't know how to play, therefore never playing again. Also, it drives him nuts when it is said that everything he does is cuuuuuuuuuuuute! He's also sweet, in a macho kind of way. Speaking of which, he's handsome, cute, adorable, sexy, hot, smart, funny, thoughtful, sweet, patient, and completely wonderful. *clicks* Coooooo!

Samantha: Pretty Sammy has more boyfriends than I can even bother to keep track of in my mind. Her favorite phrase is "Ohmigod, Mary!" said in disbelief, usually over something strange I've done. She's currently trying to avoid a girl named Princess, who wants to kick her ass because Sam did absolutely nothing. Samantha also has some random 45 year old teacher so completely in love with her that she never has to do homework in that class, and also doesn't ever have to take any tests in there either! If you can't find Sam during the day at school, she's probably wandering the halls somewhere because her teachers randomly give her hall passes and then don't notice when she doesn't come back for the next hour.

Sarah G: She's the math genius I'll never be, already having been put immediately into geometry her first year of highschool. Her previous instant message name used to promote the sars disease, but she has since changed it. She's a happy band girl, and loves Good Charlotte and some other band I can't remember right now....

Right. Well, those are all the people I'm going to do right now. Like I said, if you wanna be up there just let me know. If I wind up adding you or not after you ask is my own buisness.