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September 28

Alright. I deleted a couple pages, fixed up a couple more, and added some music. Eventually I'll add the link to Ross' site, if I get around to feeling like it.

September 27

I did nothing but change the front picture. Isn't that just fucking amazing.

June 26

I did some more links, and I made a new page dedicated to the fanlists that I was accepted into. Yep. Fun. Wow.

June 25

I completely redid the Links Page, and I think it looks pretty nice, if I do say so myself. I didn't really get any new links, but at least it looks prettier. I'll get some new ones as time ambles along. I also added up a new quiz, a Stargate one which I'm sure you're all fascinated by. Right now, however, I'm being stalked by a beetle (not John Lennon, a black, shiny beetle) so I'm going to run away.

June 20

Well, I didn't actually do anything new right now, but because Salerno got all huffy and offended that i didn't mention in the updates that I put up Elena's third installment of the Robert Patrick series, here you go. I PUT UP VATICAN RAVE PARTY, THE THIRD INSTALLMENT OF ELENA'S ROBERT PATRICK SERIES! There, happy now? Good.

June 9

I set up a brand new page for Livejournal icons that I made myself! Isn't that nifty! Anyhow, go check that out. Also, I added one new story to the News page. Um...that might actually be about it. This is getting sad, isn't it?

June 4

I don't think I did anything at all except update the news. Summer is going to be slow for the website buisness. Why oh why did I start now?!?!

May 31

I didn't do too much, as I don't feel too good. I changed the picture on the main page, and put little internet bumper stickers over each name on the People page. I added the second part to the Robert Patrick fanfic to the Story page, and I added links and a bio for Anneliese. I've got a new livejournal, but I didn't link to it yet. I'll do it soon, I promise!

May 29

Fixed up Eric's profile on the People page, plus added two new people: Anastasia and Sarah G

Added a whole mess of links to the Link page

New Blog added

Updated the News page

Added new page: About Me

New banner!

I took down the ecard page. The link is still there, but DON'T CLICK IT. You'll just get a rude message

I added a Daniel Friendly banner! Isn't it lovely?

May 27

Added new quizzes to the misspelled Quizzes Page

Added a new link to the Links Page

New blog added from me, although it just complains about finals, so you might not want to read it.

New page added for News

Andrea added to People Page

New Fiction/Fanfiction/Nonfiction page added!


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